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After understanding the specifications of customers' requirements, we suggest the right product considering the various factors affecting it like the temperature exposure, weather conditions, surface of application,  etc. The raw material used is of high quality brands and is suggested to customers based on their price expectations of products and product performance suited to their particular application.

Tape die cuts

Double Side Tissue Tape Die-cuts.jpg
Double Side Polyrster Tape Die-cuts.jpg
3M VHB Tape Die-cuts.jpg


Double sided tissue tape die cuts

Double Side Adhesive Tissue Tape Die Cuts are available as per customized shape and sizes. Theses Die Cuts are helpful in
Electronics, Automobiles and OEM Assemblies. Tissue Tape die cuts are widely used in packaging industry for Carton Pasting.


Double sided polyester tape die cuts

Double Side Polyester Tape Die Cuts in customized shapes and sizes are suitable in equipment fabrication and OEM assemblies.
These die cuts provide structural bonding strength and can replace mechanical fasteners.


Double sided VHB (very high bond) tape die cuts

Double Side VHB (Very High Bond) Die Cuts in customized shape and sizes are available in equipment Fabrication, OEM Assemblies. These Die Cuts provide structural bonding strength and can replace mechanical fastness.


Double sided foam tape die cuts

Double Side Foam Tape Die Cuts in customized shapes and sizes are suitable in equipment fabrication, automobile and OEM assemblies.
They are widely used for attaching decorative decals.


Asset Label.jpg
Write and protect labels, calibration la
Barcode label.jpg
Drum label.jpg
Drum Label.jpg
Chromo paper labels.jpg
Plottercut labels.jpg
Vinyl Labels.png
Vinyl Label.jpg


Asset Marking Labels

Used to keep track of valuable assets like machines, high value equipment, computer hardware, furniture & fixtures etc by applying these labels on the asset.
• High performance and durable asset labels made with material from 3M.
• Several times better than paper labels which come off due to frequent handling and poor quality of material.
• Tamper indicating labels. An attempt to remove the label will leave a mark on the asset. Helps to avoid threats to assets such as theft.
• Cost effective
• Customized as per your need in terms of shape, size and print. Can be available in Polyester or Paper.
• Can be provided with serial numbers or barcodes as per your need.



Calibration Labels

Used to stick on equipment/tool/machinery as a check that it is calibrated and to indicate when the next calibration is due. This process is mandatory for all ISO certified companies.
• High-performance durable calibration label with use of 3M brand label stock
• Tested in industrial environment by professionals.
Calibration labels are available in different material & size with 1 mil transparent polyester protection film as follows:
Printed in one/two colour on high strength chromo paper with 1mil protection film
Printed in one/two colour on polyester label material which gives durability.
• Printed in one/two colour on tamper-indicating high-strength vinyl film which destructs if tried to remove.


Bar code labels

Used for running Serial no. & barcode labels required for product identification & rating labels.


Drum labels

Extended life label stock by 3M which makes a long-lasting bond.
• Can withstand changing environmental conditions and handling during transportation.
• Permanently adheres to wide variety of plastics and metals.
• Conformity to curved surfaces as well.


Chromo paper labels

Face stock: A smooth white semi-gloss all-purpose sheet exhibiting good printability, conversion, die cutting & stripping.
Basis Weight: 75 gsm
Adhesive: A permanent rubber based adhesive high tack & Ultimate bond strength.
Excellent adhesion on wide range of substrates including "rough textured surface"
Application & Use:
Pharmaceuticals Label
Carton Label
Household chemical labels
Wiring Diagram Label
Publicity Label
Product Label
Inspection Label
Drum Labels
Promotional labelling


Plotter Cut Labels

Plotter Cut Labels are high performance Vinyl Film cut to design with digital cutting facility, supplied with positioning film which helps to position.
Used for:
Logos / Brand Names / POP / Decorative Graphics for Vehicles
Equipment / Model Name


Polycarbonate Labels

Polycarbonate labels offer an unusual combination of features including clarity, dimensional stability, toughness, flexibility, heat resistance, excellent dielectric performance.
Polycarbonate Labels are used to manufacture graphic overlays/Logos/Front Facia/Dials. Polycarbonate Labels are available in 125 microns to 500 microns thickness & matt, gloss or velvet finish.
Matt / Glossy Finish Decal / Overlay / Front Facial Plate
We provide a wide range of Polycarbonate Stickers that are manufactured from premium quality polycarbonate. These polycarbonate stickers have brilliant thermal and physical properties and hence can be used across various industries. Our range of polycarbonate stickers can be customized on the following basis:
* 125 microns
* 175 microns
* 250 microns
* Matt
* Polished
* Velvet
* Embossed
Application & Use:
• Membrane switch overlays
• Durable & decorative labels
• Facia labels
• Product identification label
• Name plate & logos
• Information label


Polypropylene Labels

Polypropylene Labels are multi-layer polypropylene film with adhesive suitable for low surface energy materials. It is used to manufacture labels for chemical drums. Information labels required to be applied on powder coated surface are also produced with this material.
Face stock: - A treated semi-rigid opaque white 2mil polypropylene film with exceptional dimensional stability for durable thermal transfer applications.
Adhesive: - An aggressive all temperature, permanent, emulsion acrylic adhesive with good initial tack & ultimate adhesion to a variety of substrates including painted steel, polyethylene polypropylene & glass.
Application & Use:
• Warning Labels
• Operating Instructions labels
• Chemical Drum Labels
• Publicity Label
• Product Label
• Inspection Label
• Name Plates & Logo



Polyester Labels

High Performance Polyester Labels with special grade adhesive used for information labels, Asset labels, Rating labels, branding labels etc. Polyester labels are available in matt/gloss white, silver matt/gloss & transparent. These are UL approved material.
Polyester Labels (Silver Matt)
Face Stock: 2.3 mil (58 micron) Matt silver polyester, Top coated polyester compatible with dot matrix printing & hand writeable. The matt coating resists degradation from scuffing, chemical, moisture & wide temperature fluctuations. The topcoat also provides ink anchorage for traditional forms of press.
Adhesive: 0.8 mil (20 microns) Acrylic Adhesive is firm adhesive which resists oozing. Provides high strength on a variety of surface including high surface energy (HSE) plastic & metal
Typical application includes labels for:
• Barcode labels
• Rating plate
• Warning Labels
• Product Label
• Instruction & Service Labels
• Name Plates & Logo

Polyester Labels (Bright Silver)
Facestock: 1 mil bright silver polyester. Top coated polyester for improved ink anchorage.
Adhesive: 0.8 mil (20 microns) Acrylic Adhesive is firm adhesive which resists oozing & provides high strength on variety of surfaces including high surface energy (HSE) plastics & metals.
Application & Use:
• Rating Plate
• Product Label
• Instruction & Service Labels
• Name Plates & Logo


Tamper indicating labels

These are Tamper Indicating Labels with Void marking polyester film & destructible vinyl. These labels are used to protect/indicate tampering in white goods industry.
• Tamper evident VOID marking labels in white and silver
• Label resists removal as a single piece.
• Fractures easily if removal is tried.
• Can be printed in / with variable information like serial no. / bar code.


Vehicle Parking Labels

To identify vehicle of member, every housing Society / Corporate facility / Commercial Complex
requires identification mark easily visible to security staff.
• Bright coloured
• Can be applied from outside (two wheelers) & Inside (Car)
• High performance label material which can withstand sunlight (UV), rain, dust/dirt.



Vinyl labels

Vinyl Labels to be applied on contour surface with high performance adhesive. These labels are available at market leading prices to our valuable clients.
Face stock: Flexible white top coated vinyl
Adhesive: Acrylic based adhesive
Application & Use:
• Warning Labels
• Instruction Labels
• Service labels for durable goods
• Wiring Diagram Label
• Publicity Label
• Product Label

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