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Last minute alterations, anyone? Forget the stitch! You don’t need the tailor when you can fix it by yourself using the Alteration Tapes. It has the perfect adhesive on it that will help you stick the two sides of your garment while leaving your fabric intact when removed. It works on most fabrics and you can count on it!


How to use: Remove the liner from the alteration tape and place it between the sides of your garment that you want to alter. Press it gently for about three seconds for the perfect result. For thicker garments, use two or three tapes if needed. Please note that this works only on fabric and not on skin.


Two sizes available.

1) Small: 5 mm x 50 mm

2) Medium: 15 mm x 60 mm


Each pack contains 10 tapes of the respective size.


Sneaky Tricks- Removable Alteration Tapes

PriceFrom ₹95.00
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